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Pascoe Healthcare Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Pascoe pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH, a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Giessen, Germany. The parent company is a family-owned manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutritional supplements that has been operating in the German market for over 125 years.

The founding family has its roots in Cornwall, England; with the subsidiary in the UK we are now returning to our roots. The history of Pascoe starts with Friedrich Pascoe, who first founded the pharmacy in 1895 and later the Pascoe company in 1918. In 1961, Pascoe began researching its products and still invests a high proportion of its gross turnover in research today. Today, the company is run by Jürgen F. Pascoe and his wife Annette D. Pascoe in the third generation.

Pascoe employs around 200 people and manufactures over 400 products for more than 20 countries. Pascoe´s mission is to continue investing in research and development of its products, with the goal of bringing positive outcomes to the lives of patients.

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60 years of research & development

For over 125 years the name Pascoe Naturmedizin has stood for consistently high quality: in a globalised world, the highest quality standards are just as important as a strong corporate culture. 

The active ingredient content of our medicines is standardised, which means that each time a specific medicine is produced, it contains the same active ingredient in the same concentration. In 1961, we set up our own research department so that we, as a drug manufacturer, can develop and implement scientific findings ourselves. We work closely with recognised scientific experts and practise within a framework of University cooperation to conduct controlled clinical studies that test and prove the effectiveness of each of our medicines.

Pascoe products are produced in Germany, according to the globally valid GMP guidelines ("Good Manufacturing Practice"). These are the official standards for the production of medicinal products. 

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Pascoe – a Great Place to Work 

Pascoe has received several awards and regularly ranks among the best European and German employers. We regularly participate in the "Great Place to Work®" awards where we face national and international competitors. After five top rankings in Germany, the company was even voted first place (for companies with 50-499 employees) as a "Great Place to Work" in Europe by its employees in 2020. We have been one of the excellent employers in Germany for over 10 years. In 2022 also as the best employer in the manufacturing & industry sector. The awards confirm that we are on the right track. Our holistic corporate management consists of three pillars: the strategy process, personnel development and occupational health management. Every employee is integrated into the overall strategy of the company and we use personality analysis to understand the strengths and development potential of each individual.

Managing Director Annette D. Pascoe: "We take care to deploy employees according to their strengths so that we can maintain our high level of performance while developing individual development opportunities." 

The pillar model is rounded off by individual and award-winning health management for our employees. The awards show that the idea of holistic corporate management is taking hold, as does the health rate, which remains 50 per cent above the industry average. A good and attractive workplace culture is also reflected in our positive business results.